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Table 1 PCR products generated during the construction of full-length flavivirus chimeric DNAs

From: Substitution of the premembrane and envelope protein genes of Modoc virus with the homologous sequences of West Nile virus generates a chimeric virus that replicates in vertebrate but not mosquito cells

Reaction no. Reaction type Primers (forward, reverse) PCR product
Name Size (bp)
1a PCR M-F1, MW-R1 MW1’ 191
1b M-F1, MC-R1 MC1’ 194
1c M-F1, MWi-R1 MW1 523
1d M-F1, MCi-R1 MC1 521
2a RT-PCR MW-F2, MW-R2 MW2’ 2,415
2b MC-F2, MC-R2 MC2’ 2,167
2c MWi-F2, MWR2 MW2 2,066
2d MCi-F2, MCR2 MC2 1,777
3a,c PCR MW-F3, M-R3 MW3 2,575
3b,d MC-F3, M-R3 MC3 2,580
4a-d PCR M-F4, M-R10600 M4 6,227
5a Fusion-PCR M-F1, MW-R2 MW5’ 2,563
5b M-F1, MC-R2 MC5’ 2,320
5c M-F1, MW-R2 MW5 2,542
5d M-F1, MC-R2 MC5 2,251
6a Fusion-PCR M-F1, M-R3 MW6’ 5,100
6b M-F1, M-R3 MC6’ 4,854
6c M-F1, M-R3 MW6 5,079
6d M-F1, M-R3 MC6 4,785
7a Fusion-PCR T7MOD-F, M-R10600 fpMODV-WNV(C-prM-E) 10,730
7b T7MOD-F, M-R10600 fpMODV-WNV(prM-E) 10,708
7c T7MOD-F, M-R10600 fpMODV-CxFV(C-prM-E) 10,484
7d T7MOD-F, M-R10600 fpMODV-CxFV(prM-E) 10,415
  1. Reactions ending with a, b, c and d were used to generate fpMODV-WNV(C-prM-E), fpMODV-CxFV(C-prM-E), fpMODV-WNV(prM-E) and fpMODV-CxFV(prM-E), respectively.