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Table 2 Lethality in chicken, ducks and geese of NDV after inoculated intranasally

From: Phylogenetic relationships and pathogenicity variation of two Newcastle disease viruses isolated from domestic ducks in Southern China

Strains Manifestations of chicken Manifestations of ducks Manifestations of geese
No. D/S/totala No. S.C./totalb No. D/S/total No. S.C./total No. D/S/total No. S.C./total
SS-10 3/3/3 1/3 0/1/3 3/3 1/1/3 3/3
NH-10 3/3/3 - c 0/0/3 3/3 0/1/3 3/3
  1. aNo. D/S/total shows the number of dead (D) and sick (S) as well as the total number of animals from the observation period. The animals that showed disease signs, such as depression and ruffled feathers, but recovered at the end of the observation were counted as sick animals.
  2. bNo. S.C./total shows the number of animals that seroconverted out of the total number of ducks at the end of the observation period.
  3. cAll the chickens died at the end of the observation.