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Table 1 Sequential information and pathogenicity of two viruses in this study

From: Phylogenetic relationships and pathogenicity variation of two Newcastle disease viruses isolated from domestic ducks in Southern China

Isolate name Host Separatum Isolate year EID50/0.2 ml ICPIa MDT(h)b Fusion protein cleavage sitec
SS-10 Duck Sanshui 2010 10 -9.83 1.89 51.6 112RRQKRF117
NH-10 Duck Nanhai 2010 10-9.62 1.7 58.8 112RRQRRF117
  1. aA strain with an ICPI below 0.7 was considered to be lentogenic, while those with an ICPI equal to or greater than 1.60 were considered to be velogenic, and those with ICPI values between 0.7 and 1.60 were considered to be mesogenic. The ICPI of avirulent viruses were near 0.00 [2].
  2. bFor 9-day-old embryonated chicken eggs, the mean death time (MDT) value (h) of more than 90 was defined as lentogenic; 60–90 as mesogenic, and under 60 as velogenic.
  3. cCleavage site sequences (residues 112 to 117) of the F protein.