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Figure 3

From: Identification and characterization of unrecognized viruses in stool samples of non-polio acute flaccid paralysis children by simplified VIDISCA

Figure 3

Phylogenetic analyses of A) Human astrovirus ORF2 B) Human astrovirus ORF1a C) Human Parechovirus VP1 and D) Tetnovirus unknown gene. The representative sequences of the serotypes are retrieved from GenBank (accession numbers are included in the virus names). The isolates from this study are represented by a ‘’ taxon marker. The closely related strains are labeled with taxon markers ‘▲’. The tree was constructed using neighbor-joining (NJ) method and Kimura 2-Parameter (K2P) model in MEGA 4.0 and evaluated with 1000 bootstrap pseudoreplicates. Bootstrap values greater than 50 are indicated at the respective nodes and the scale bar represents the evolutionary distance.

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