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Table 1 Comparison of homologous structural genes of different N4-like phages

From: First genome sequences of Achromobacter phages reveal new members of the N4 family

Identified proteins of JWAlpha Homologous genes in Erwinia phage vB_EamP-S6 Homologous genes in Pseudomonas phage LIT1 Homologous genes in Vibrio phage φJA1
vRNAP, 369 kDa gp79, 380.6 kDa, 28% aa identities gp71, 369.7 kDa, 23% aa identities gp53, 335 kDa, 23% aa identities
Structural protein, gp69 66.2 kDa gp80, 55.9 kDa, no similarities at the aa level gp72, 52.5 kDa, no similarities at the aa level gp54, 47.1 kDa, no similarities at the aa level, not identified
Structural protein, gp70, 17.6 kDa gp81, 16.3 kDa, 40% aa identities gp73, 16.6 kDa, 38% aa identities gp55, 15.3 kDa, 31% aa identities, not identified
Major coat, 44.4 kDa gp85, 43.7 kDa, 66% aa identities gp77, 44 kDa, 53% aa identities gp59, 47 kDa, 44% aa identities
Portal, 85.4 kDa gp88, 81.3 kDa, 60% aa identities gp80, 81.7 kDa, 48% aa identities gp62, 79.2 kDa, 47% aa identities
Tail component, gp82, 87.8 kDa    gp65, 87.3 kDa, no similarities at the aa level, not identified
Tail component, gp83, 26.3 kDa gp97, 26.7 kDa, 36% aa identities, not identified gp83, 27.9 kDa, 26% aa identities gp66, 25.8 kDa, 32% aa identities, not identified
Surface protein, gp20, 33.8 kDa    
  1. Orf, molecular mass and similarities to JWAlpha at the amino acid level are shown. If not identified by peptide mass fingerprinting, proposed homologs in the phage genomes are listed.