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Figure 6

From: EBNA1 binding and epigenetic regulation of gastrokine tumor suppressor genes in gastric carcinoma cells

Figure 6

siRNA depletion of EBNA1 causes de-repression of the GKN1 and GKN2 in AGS-EBV cells. siCtrl or siEBNA1 transfected AGS-EBV cells were assayed by RT-PCR for GKN1 or GKN2 mRNA level relative to cellular GAPDH (A). Cells were harvested at 72 hours post-transfection with siRNA. Western blot showing EBNA1 (top panel) and loading control Actin (lower panel) in AGS-EBV cells (B). Error bars indicate standard deviation from the mean (sdm) for n = 3.

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