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Figure 1

From: EBNA1 binding and epigenetic regulation of gastrokine tumor suppressor genes in gastric carcinoma cells

Figure 1

EBNA1 binds at the GKN1 and GKN2 promoter locus. (A) The UCSC genome browser was used to map EBNA1 binding peak generated from Raji and C666-1 ChIP-seq at the GKN1 and GKN2 gene loci. RefSeq annotated transcripts are indicated below the ChIP-Seq peak. (B-C) Realtime-PCR validation of ChIP-seq data for EBNA1 binding site at the GKN1/2 shared promoter region: EBNA1 (red bars) or control IgG (blue bars) were assayed by ChIP in Raji (B) or C666-1 cells (C) for DNA binding at the GKN1/2 site, PITPNB promoter, GAPDH, or EBV Ori-Lyt. (D) EMSA analysis of 32P labeled probes containing Control, GKN1/2 site, or EBV FR. Varying amount of EBNA1 DBD protein was used in binding reaction (0, 100, 300, 900 ng). Arrowheads represent EBNA1-specific bound complexes or free probe as indicated. The probe sequence of GKN1/2 site and FR is indicated with sequence homolog (red letters) between GKN1/2 and FR. The negative control (Ctrl) sequence is also indicated. Error bars indicate standard deviation from the mean (sdm) for n = 3.

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