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Table 5 The orthopoxvirus (OPV) strains used in the study

From: Molecular characterization and phylogenetics of Fennoscandian cowpox virus isolates based on the p4c and atip genes

Virus species Species abbreviation Strain ATI phenotypee GenBank accession number
Camelpox virus CMPV CMS V0 AY009089
   M-96 V0 NC_003391
Cowpox virus CPXV No-H1 V+ This study
No-F1 V+ This study
   No-F2 V+ This study
   Swe-H1 V+ This study
   Swe-H2 V+ This study
   FIN/T2000 V+ This study
No-H2# V+/ HQ680373
   NOR1994_MAN* V+ HQ420899
FIN2000_MAN* V+ HQ420893
Brighton Red V NC_003663
   GER 91-3 V+ DQ437593
   GRI-90 V+ X94355
GER1990_2 V+ HQ420896
FRA2001_NANCY V+ HQ420894
UK2000_K2984 V+ HQ420900
AUS1999_867 V+ HQ407377
GER1990_EP4 V+ HQ420895
GER1998_2 V+ HQ420897
GER2002_MKY V+ HQ420898
Ectromelia virus ECTV Moscow V NC_004105
   Naval V -
Monkeypox virus MPXV Zaire V0 NC_03310
   Congo V0 DQ011154
   USA_039 V0 DQ011157
   Liberia V0 DQ011156
Taterapox virus TATV DAH68 V0 NC_008291
Horsepox virus HSPV MNR76 V0 DQ792504
Vaccinia virus VACV CVA V0 AM501482
   Lister V0 AY678276
   Acambis V0 AY313847
   Western Reserve V0 NC_006998
Variola virus VARV Niger_1969 V0 DQ441434
   Benin_1968 V0 DQ441416
   Brazil_1966 V0 DQ441419
   UNK_1952 V0 DQ441447
  1. eThe ATI phenotypes of Fennoscandian CPXVs, CPXV-BR, ECTV-MOS were determined by electon microscopy as outlined in Methods while that of other OPVs were predicted based on the presence of full length atip and p4c genes. Strains that do not produce ATI were labelled V0. The V+ has virions embedded with the ATI matrix while the V has no virions within or on the surface of the ATI matrix. The V+/ ATI have virions encrusted on the surface but not internalized within the matrix. #The V+/ ATI of CPXV-No-H2 was demonstrated in our previous report[33]. *CPXV_NOR1994_MAN and CPXV_FIN2000_MAN are clones of CPXV-No-H1 and CPXV-FIN/T2000 whose genomes are fully sequenced[20]. ECTV-NAV has not been assigned a GenBank accession number but its genome sequence is available at