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Figure 1

From: Comparative quantitative monitoring of rabbit haemorrhagic disease viruses in rabbit kittens

Figure 1

RHDV replication and excretion in rabbit kittens, which survived and seroconverted. Rabbit kittens 4–5 weeks of age were infected with 700 ID50 of RHDV-v351 as determined in adults and virus replication and shedding was monitored via real-time PCR analysis of virus genome copy numbers in blood and swab samples taken at the indicated times post infection. A: Virus genome copy numbers per μl whole blood and B: virus genome copy numbers per swab sample. The copy lowest copy numbers that could be accurately detected with the amount of template used in the assay is indicated (SDL = safe detection limit). Serum IgM (C) and IgG titres (D) were determined in blood samples taken at the indicated times after infection via ELISA as described previously [54, 55].

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