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Table 2 Efficiencies of miRNAs targeting the FMDV IRES in inhibiting EGFP expression in BHK-21 cells as assayed by flow cytometry

From: Multiple microRNAs targeted to internal ribosome entry site against foot-and-mouth disease virus infection in vitro and in vivo

Reporter plasmid Inhibition efficiency of each miRNA (%)
pmiR153 pmiR220 pmiR242 pmiR276 Bi-miRNA Dual-miRNA
pHN/IRES-EGFP 72.2% 56.7% 44.3% 81.4% 84.7% 95.0%
pFC/IRES-EGFP 38.7% 47.9% 71.4% 60.5% 88.3% 96.6%
pJS/IRES-EGFP 64.6% 37.5% 68.8% 62.5% 78.4% 83.6%
  1. Bi-miRNA, a mixture of pmiR242 and pmiR276 plasmids; Dual-miRNA, a co-cistronic expression plasmid (pmiR242 + 276) containing two pre-miRNA (pmiR242 and pmiR276) hairpin structures. Percentage inhibition in each co-transfected (vector-delivered miRNAs and the reporter plasmids) cell population was calculated by comparison with the control cells transfected only with the same reporter plasmid at 48 h post-transfection.