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Table 1 Induction of EGF family members and genes involved in regulation of MAPK activity by CPXV, MPXV and VACV

From: Comparison of host cell gene expression in cowpox, monkeypox or vaccinia virus-infected cells reveals virus-specific regulation of immune response genes

  Gene Gene expression changes (average FC)a
MAPK activity DUSP5 6.6 4.9 3.6
DUSP6 8.1 9.5 5.2
EGR1 14.3 30.8 98.6
EGR2 2.6 5.1 4.2
IL4R 6.2 5.8 2.9
LIF 9.7 12.6 4.6
SPRY1 12.7 n.s.b n.s.b
SPRY2 7.7 7.1 7.0
SPRY4 20.8 30.1 11.8
SPRED1 2.8/3.7c 2.9/3.0c 2.2/2.2c
SPRED2 2.0 2.3 2.8/7.8c
both CBLB −2.7 −3.4 −2.5
ErbB pathway AREG 10.2 8.3 4.8
EREG 4.4/6.7c 7.0/10.3c 2.9/3.0c
HBEGF 4.0/5.4c 2.3/2.6c 2.1/2.8c
PRKCB −4.9 −3.4 −2.4
  1. a Cluster and pathway analysis of the 87 non-histone transcripts that were affected by all OPV tested revealed a statistically significant overrepresentation of genes involved in inactivation of mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) activity and growth factor signalling. Shown are gene expression changes of the identified genes at 6 h post infection in CPXV-, VACV- or MPXV-infected cells in comparison to mock-infected cells as average fold change (FC) values.
  2. b Values that did not meet the analysis cut-off of an average FC ≥2.0 and p ≤0.05 are designated n.s. (not significant).
  3. c Two values separated by a slash designate values obtained from two different probes on the microarray.