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Table 2 Patients with HCoVs demonstrated in stool samples and/or NP swabs at initial testing: information on clinical signs, viral species and results of follow-up testing

From: Detection of human coronaviruses in simultaneously collected stool samples and nasopharyngeal swabs from hospitalized children with acute gastroenteritis

Patient Clinical signs HCoVs species in stool samples Other viruses in stool samples HCoVs species in NP swab Other viruses in NP swab Follow up stool sample Follow up NP swab
1 AGE + RTI OC43 neg OC43 neg neg HKU1*
2 AGE + RTI OC43 Norovirus OC43 neg neg neg
3 AGE + RTI OC43 Rotavirus, AdV OC43 AdV AdV OC43, AdV
4 AGE + RTI NL63 Rotavirus NL63 hRV neg NL63, hRV, PIV*
5 AGE HKU1 SRV OC43 HBoV, hRV, PIV neg HKU1**
6 AGE 229E neg neg neg neg neg
7 AGE + RTI neg neg OC43 neg neg neg
8 AGE + RTI neg neg OC43 neg NA NA
9 AGE + RTI neg neg NL63 hRV neg neg*
10 AGE + RTI neg Astrovirus NL63 RSV, INF A neg neg
11 AGE + RTI neg Rotavirus HKU1 neg neg RSV,PIV*
12 AGE + RTI neg Rotavirus HKU1 neg NA NA
13 AGE + RTI neg AdV HKU1 AdV, RSV NA NA
14 AGE + RTI neg Rotavirus, AdV HKU1 neg neg hRV
15 AGE + RTI neg Norovirus, AdV HKU1 AdV, HBoV neg neg
16 AGE neg neg OC43 neg neg neg
17 AGE neg neg 229E neg neg neg
18 AGE neg Rotavirus OC43 neg neg neg
19 AGE neg Rotavirus, AdV OC43 neg neg NA
20 AGE neg Rotavirus HKU1 neg neg neg
21 AGE neg Norovirus, AdV HKU1 neg AdV** HKU1
22 AGE neg Rotavirus, AdV 229E neg neg RSV*
23 AGE neg Rotavirus 229E neg neg neg
  1. Key: *RTI, respiratory tract infection; **AGE, acute gastroenteritis; OC43; human coronavirus OC43; NL63, human coronavirus NL63; HKU1, human coronavirus HKU1; 229E, human coronavirus 229E; AdV, adenovirus; hRV, rinovirus; PIV, parainfluenza virus; SRV, small round viruses; RSV, respiratory syncytial virus; INF A, influenza virus A; neg, negative; NA, sample not available.