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Table 3 qPCR confirmation of differentially expressed genes

From: Transcriptome analysis of primary monocytes from HIV-positive patients with differential responses to antiretroviral therapy

Gene Comparison qPCR Microarray Gene Comparison qPCR Microarray
ACTN4 VIRvsCTR 3.1 3.6 IL1B VIRvsCTR -12.5 -13.2
ACTN4 VIRvsBDL 1.8 2.3 IL1B BDLvsCTR -17.0 -20
ITGAL VIRvsCTR 1.9 2.4 CSK VIRvsCTR 3.7 2.9
ITGAL VIRvsBDL 2.3 2.5 CFL1 VIRvsCTR 2.5 2.2
GNAI2 VIRvsCTR 2.7 2.9 CD37 VIRvsCTR 2.3 2.4
SERPING1 VIRvsCTR 3.8 2.6 C1QB VIRvsBDL 2.6 2.3
IL8 VIRvsCTR -4.6 -5.0 C1QB VIRvsCTR 4.1 4.3
  1. Fold change by qPCR was obtained from the mean expressions of the tested genes in each group. The cohort for qPCR validation consisted of 10 viremic patients, 10 BDLs, and 9 healthy controls (including all the original samples used in the microarray). All values represent fold changes between expression levels of the first group versus expression levels of the second group. Minus sign indicates down-regulation in the first group whereas positive sign indicates up-regulation in the first group. Housekeeping gene GAPDH was used as an internal control and the normalizer in qPCR.