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Table 1 Relationship between the detection of EBV oncoproteins (LMP-1 and BARF-1) and the presence of either or both HPV and EBV in malignant cervical biopsies

From: Human Papillomavirus and Epstein-Barr virus co-infection in Cervical Carcinoma in Algerian women

EBV and HPV genomes detection by PCR: 23 SCC LMP-1 detection by RT-PCR BARF-1 detected by Western blotting
14/23 HPV + EBV+ 7 LMP1+ 3 BARF1+
7 LMP1- 2 BARF1+
8/23 HPV + EBV- Negative Negative
1/23 HPV-EBV+ Negative Negative