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Table 1 Screening of retroviruses by nested PCR

From: Lack of evidence for retroviral infections formerly related to chronic fatigue in Spanish Fibromyalgia patients

  Samples positive/assayed XMRV/MLV HTLV-2
  env gag gag
  Assay1 Assay2 GAG-I-F/R NP116/117  
F gDNAprep1 (n = 75) 18/75 8/18* 0/75 0/75 0/75
gDNAprep2 (n = 18) ND 0/18 0/18 0/18 0/18
C gDNAprep1 (n = 79) 12/79 5/12* 0/79 0/79 0/79
  gDNAprep2 (n = 12) ND 0/12 0/12 0/12 0/12
  1. The table shows the ratio between positive samples and the number of samples assayed as determined by nested PCR amplification of retroviral genes using different sets of specific primers in fibromyalgia patients (F) and healthy controls (C), as indicated. The gDNA preps2 correspond to independent preparations from frozen aliquots of the exact same participants that gave a positive amplification in the first assay (Assay1). The asterisk (*) indicates that only positive samples in the first env amplification (Assay 1) were tested.