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Table 2 General features and genome accession numbers of the N4-like bacteriophages involved in the multilocus phylogenetic study

From: The complete genome sequence of EC1-UPM, a novel N4-like bacteriophage that infects Escherichia coli O78:K80

Phage Isolation source Host Accession number Reference
EC-UPM Chicken fecal material E. coli KC206276 This study
KBNP21 Chicken farm E. coli JX415535 [24]
vB_EcoP_G7C Horse fecal material E. coli HQ259105 [25]
IME11 Hospital sewage E. coli JX880034 [6]
N4 Sewer E. coli EF056008 [11]
EamP-S6 Fruit production environment Erwinia amylovora NC_019514 [17]
DSS3P2 Seawater sample Silicibacter pomenyi Nc_012697 [7]
EE36P1 Seawater sample Sulfitobacter sp. NC_012696 [7]
LIT1 Pond Pseudomonas aeruginosa NC_013692 [9]
LUZ7 Hospital waste sample Pseudomonas aeruginosa NC_013691 [9]