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Table 2 HRV-C clades 5’UTR phylogenetic analysis

From: Human rhinoviruses and enteroviruses in influenza-like illness in Latin America

Clade % of Total HRV C samples Genbank accession number Country of collection Year of collection Strain identifyer Reference
I 29 GQ223228 China 2007 N10 Huang et al. (2009) [17]
II 24 EF077280 USA 2003 NAT045 Kistler et al. (2007) [27]
III 18 AB683895 Phillipines 2011   Fuji et al. (2011) [6]
IV 29 JN990702 USA 2009 26 Lau et al. (2007) [28]
  1. The 5’UTR phylogenetic tree enable us to define four clades of HRV-C serotype (in Figure 6). The percentage of HRV-C samples included in each clade is shown. For each clade, we included one previously published isolate that is most representative of each clade, which allowed placement of known isolates like the NAT045 isolate in clade HRV-C.II and the Antwerp HRV 98/99 isolate in clade HRV-C.IV to better understand the variability of the HRV-C strains and to compare to other typing proposals [29]. Each GenBank isolate accession number, country of collection and year of collection, strain identifier, and the reference manuscript are shown.