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Table 1 Association of host SNPs with treatment response to HCV infection

From: Role of viral and host factors in interferon based therapy of hepatitis C virus infection

Gene symbol Function SNP Effect on interferon therapy
IFN –λ    
IL-29 (IFN-λ1)   rs8099917 TT genotype is favorable
IL-28A (IFN-λ2) Inhibit viral replication rs12980275 AA genotype is favorable
IL-28B (IFN-λ3)   rs12979860 CC genotype is favorable
IFN - γ Inhibit viral replication -768G Enhances promoter activity 2-3 folds
MBL Pathogen recognition receptor O/A at exon 1 X or O mutations linked with non-responsiveness
At promoter region: MBL2*H,Land X,Y.  
CTLA4 Down regulates T cell functions -318 C/T -318C, 49G are favorably linked with therapy response.
IL-10 Anti-inflammatory, Down regulates MHC1and MHC II molecules -318 C/T -819T and -592A are positively associated
- 819,  
- 592  
IL-18 Pro-inflammatory cytokine 607 C/A, -607A and -137C are positively associated
Induces IFN-γ -137 G/C  
TRAIL Induces apoptosis in virally infected cells rs 4242392 Poorly associated
TGFb1 Multifunctional cytokine codon 10T/C, codon 25G/C Positively associated
Mx1 Antiviral activities G/T at nt -88 Positively associated
Osteopontin Induces Th1 response nt 443, nt 1748 T/T at nt -443
G/G or G/A at 1748
Positively associated with SVR
LMP7 HLA-1 antigen presentation LMP7-K Positively associated with SVR
OAS1 converts ATP into 2'-5' linked oligomers of adenosine at exon 7 SAS AA genotype is poorly associated