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Figure 1

From: Human Polyomavirus JC monitoring and noncoding control region analysis in dynamic cohorts of individuals affected by immune-mediated diseases under treatment with biologics: an observational study

Figure 1

Comparison of baseline (t0) JC viruria in 21 MS, 18 CIRDs and 22 CD patients. JCPyV DNA [(median log10 JCPyV load (range)] was found in 2/21 multiple sclerosis patients [3.90 gEq/mL (3.70-4.10)], in 14/22 CIRDs patients [7.21 gEq/mL (4.15-8.13)] and in 6/18 CD patients [6.30 gEq/mL (4.85-8.85)]. Moreover 5/19 healthy individuals showed JCPyV DNA in urine [5.75 gEq/mL (3.54-8.43)]. Comparing these data of JC viruria, we observed that CIRDs patients presented a JC viruria significantly higher than that presented by patients with MS or with CD and by healthy individuals. JCPyV loads values are expressed as log10 genome equivalent (gEq)/mL. Comparisons were performed using non parametric Mann–Whitney U-test and statistically significant p values (< 0.05) were indicated.

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