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Table 3 APMV-1 isolates obtained in this study

From: Prevalence of avian paramyxovirus type 1 in Mallards during autumn migration in the western Baltic Sea region

Host APMV-1 isolate
Species Age Sample ID Isolate name Class Genotype Fusion cleavage site GenBank accession
Mallard Juvenile 124110 APMV-1/mallard/Sweden/124110/2010 II Ib EKQGR*L KC631386
Mallard Juvenile 124127 APMV-1/mallard/Sweden/124127/2010 II Ib EKQGR*L KC631387
Mallard Undetermined 124265 APMV-1/mallard/Sweden/124265/2010 II Ib GKQGR*L KC631388
Mallard Juvenile 124282 APMV-1/mallard/Sweden/124282/2010 II Ib GKQGR*L KC631389
Mallard Juvenile 124329 APMV-1/mallard/Sweden/124329/2010 II Ib GKQGR*L KC631390
Mallard Juvenile 124345 APMV-1/mallard/Sweden/124345/2010 II Ib GKQGR*L KC631391
Mallard Juvenile 124418 APMV-1/mallard/Sweden/124418/2010 II Ib GKQGR*L KC631392
Mallard Juvenile 124461 APMV-1/mallard/Sweden/124461/2010 II Ib EKQGR*L KC631393
Mallard Juvenile 124911 APMV-1/mallard/Sweden/124911/2010 II Ib GKQGR*L KC631394
Mallard Juvenile 124987 APMV-1/mallard/Sweden/124987/2010 II Ib GKQGR*L KC631395