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Figure 2

From: An approach for differentiating echovirus 30 and Japanese encephalitis virus infections in acute meningitis/encephalitis: a retrospective study of 103 cases in Vietnam

Figure 2

Flow-chart of the work and some of the results in this study. CSF specimens were collected from patients who were clinically diagnosed with acute meningitis/encephalitis at the time of admission to the National Hospital of Pediatrics (NHP) during 2001–2001 and Bac Giang General Hospital (BGGH) during 1999–2008. CSF specimens were sent to NIHE for laboratory diagnosis. A total of 88 patients from NHP were confirmed to be infected with E30 based on NT (80 patients) and virus isolation (8 patients) but only 43 patients had available clinical records. From BGGH, a total of 134 patients were confirmed to be infected with JEV based on the IgM Capture ELISA but only 60 had clinical records.

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