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Table 1 The energy contribution of hydrophobic NES residues binding to Φ 1 , Φ 2 , Φ 3 and Φ 4 of CRM1

From: Chikungunya virus capsid protein contains nuclear import and export signals

The binding pocket Φ1 Φ2 Φ3 Φ4
The snurportin-1 residue docking in pocket L4 L8 F12 V14
The snurportin-1 residue’s contribution (Joules) −20.60 −20.37 −23.28 −16.19
The CHIKV CP NES residue docking in pocket I4 L9 L12 F14
The CHIKV-CP NES residue’s contribution (Joules) −31.52 −13.21 −16.50 −9.34