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Table 1 microRNAs in polyomaviruses

From: The miRNA world of polyomaviruses

Virus miRNAs miRBase V20 Accession No. Genomic location (nt position in reference sequence) mRNA targets References
JCPyV jcv-miR-J1-5p MIMAT0009147 3′ end LTAg (2682–2767 in NC_001699.1) LTAg, stAg2 ULBP3 [63, 65, 66]
jcv-miR-J1-3p MIMAT0009148
BKPyV bkv-miR-B1-5p MIMAT0009149 3′ end LTAg (2808–2909 in NC_001538.1) LTAg, stAg2 [63, 65, 66, 78]
bkv-miR-B1-3p MIMAT0009150
SV40 sv40-miR-S1-5p MIMAT0003344 3′ end LTAg (2776–2863 in NC_001669.1) LT, stAg DMWD2, C20orf272 [64, 85]
sv40-miR-S1-3p MIMAT0003345
SA12 sa12-miR-S1-5p n.a. 3′ end LTAg (2786–2869 in NC_007611.1) LTAg2, stAg2 [62]
MCPyV mcv-miR-M1-5p MIMAT0010150 5′ end LTAg (1168–1251 in JN383838.1) LTAg1 AMBRA22, RBM92, MECP22, PIK3CD2, PSME23 and RUNX22 [68, 69]
mcv-miR-M1-3p MIMAT0010151
MuPyV mpv-mir-M1-5p n.a. 5′ end LTAg (1137–1269 in NC_001515.1) LTAg, MTAg, stAg [67]
BPCV1 Bpcv-mir-B1-3p MIMAT0020276 between the 3′ ends of the T-antigens and L1/L2 (4917–4987 in NC_010107.1) T-antigens1 [72]
BPCV2 Bpcv-mir-B2-3p MIMAT0020277 between the 3′ ends of the T-antigens and L1/L2 (no reference available) T-antigens1 [72]
  1. 1 experimental evidence using reporter constructs only.
  2. 2 predicted target, no experimental evidence.
  3. n.a. not available.