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Table 1 Cell lines used for detection of MERS-CoV pseudovirus infectivity and receptor DPP4 expression

From: A safe and convenient pseudovirus-based inhibition assay to detect neutralizing antibodies and screen for viral entry inhibitors against the novel human coronavirus MERS-CoV

Cell lines Origin Provider Note
Huh-7 Human liver Dr. Charles M. Rice at Rockefeller University  
HEP-G2 Human liver ATCC  
HT-1080 Human fibrosarcoma ATCC  
MT-2 Human lymphocyte NIH AIDS Reagent Program  
Hep-2 Human respiratory tract ATCC  
Caco-2 Human intestinal tract ATCC  
HeLa Human genitourinary tract ATCC  
293T Human kidney ATCC  
ACE2-293T 293T-derived cells Laboratory stock Express SARS-CoV receptor ACE2
A549 Human lung ATCC  
NBL-7 Mink lung ATCC Mv1Lu
PK15 Pig kidney ATCC  
MDCK Canine kidney ATCC  
FRhK-4 Fetal rhesus monkey kidney ATCC  
Vero African green monkey kidney ATCC  
Vero E6 African green monkey kidney ATCC Vero C1008
MA-104 African green monkey kidney ATCC