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Table 2 Unique amino acid changes in American genotype DENV2 (parental strains QR94 and PR159, PR159-derived midgut escape isolate EM41 and QR94-derived midgut escape isolate EM33) based on BLAST searches in NCBI GenBank

From: Isolation of midgut escape mutants of two American genotype dengue 2 viruses from Aedes aegypti

Virus C prM E NS1 NS2a NS2b NS3 NS4a NS4b NS5
QR94   E89G T55S I247Y T25S   A373T    N174D
L247Y K469R
EM33   E89G T55S I247Y T25S   A373T    N174D
E202K L247Y K469R
PR159    E202K M123T A88T      S631N
EM41    Q77E M123T A88T   E93D    S631N
  1. In bold: additional amino acid substitutions identified in the midgut escape isolates EM33 and EM41, which were absent in the parental viruses.