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Table 1 Midgut infection and midgut escape rates of DENV2 strains/isolates QR94, PR159, EM33, EM41, and Jam1409 in Aedes aegypti strains D2S3, Chetumal, or HWE at 14 days pbm

From: Isolation of midgut escape mutants of two American genotype dengue 2 viruses from Aedes aegypti

DENV2 strain/isolate (Ae. aegypti strain) No. of mosquitoes Midgut infection rate (%) Midgut dissemination rate (%)
QR94 (D2S3) 30 70a 62a
QR94 (Chetumal) 30 70a 67a
Jam1409 (D2S3) 21 100b 100b
Jam1409 (Chetumal) 30 100b 97b
PR159 (HWE) 30 13a 3a
EM41 (HWE) 30 60b 50b
Jam1409 (HWE) 30 97c 77b
QR94 (HWE) 27 56a 0a
EM33 (HWE) 29 34a 40b
Jam1409 (HWE) 30 80b 85c
  1. Calculation of midgut dissemination rates was based on those individuals whose midguts were DENV2 infected. Letters a, b, cnext to numbers represent statistically significant groupings (Fisher's exact test; p-value: <0.05).