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Table 2 Evolutionary characteristics of HBV genotypes based on the HBcAg gene using the uncorrelated log normal relaxed clock model produced by BEAST

From: An analysis of the molecular evolution of Hepatitis B viral genotypes A/B/D using a Bayesian evolutionary method

HBV genotype Location, year reported HBV TMRCA (years; 95% HPD) Emergence time (year)
Substitution rate (CR)* 1.127 (0.925–1.329)
TMRCA(A) Japan,1988 [20] 118 (54–194) 1894
TMRCA (B) Japan,1988 [20] 184 (78–323) 1828
TMRCA (D) Japan,1988 [20] 133 (65–230) 1879
  1. *Substitution rate are expressed as 10-3 substitutions per site per year.