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Table 1 Origin and properties of porcine influenza viruses used in this study for generation of recombinant proteins

From: Distinction of subtype-specific antibodies against European porcine influenza viruses by indirect ELISA based on recombinant hemagglutinin protein fragment-1

Identification Subtype HAa Lineage Sequence HA Sequence NPb
A/Germany/R26/2011 H1N1pdm Pandemic 2009 EPI356430c n.d.
A/swine/Germany/R1738/2010 H1N1 Eurasian avian-like EPI411955 EPI426141
A/swine/Germany/R1931/2011 H1N2 Eurasian avian-like reassortant EPI412039 n.d.
A/swine/Germany/R1207/2010 H1N2 Eurasian human-like reassortant EPI411941 n.d.
A/swine/Germany/R2035/2011 H1pdmN2 Pandemic 2009 reassortant EPI356453 n.d.
A/swine/Germany/R96/2011 H3N2 Eurasian human-like reassortant EPI411978 n.d.
A/swine/Germany/R76/2011 H3N2 Eurasian human-like reassortant EPI411965 n.d.
  1. a HA - hemagglutinin.
  2. b NP – nucleocapsid.
  3. c Sequence accession number in EpiFlu database.
  4. n.d. - not determined.