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Table 1 Potential ligands screened for interaction with LDVICp016

From: An orphan viral TNF receptor superfamily member identified in lymphocystis disease virus

Ligand(s) tested aKnown cellular receptor(s) bInteraction with
   LDVIC p016 ECTV CrmD
human / murine TNFSF1 TNFRSF1A, TNFRSF1B, TNFRSF14 no nt
human / murine TNFSF2 TNFRSF1A, TNFRSF1B no yes
human / murine TNFSF3A, 3B TNFRSF3 no nt
human / murine TNFSF4 TNFRSF4 no nt
human / murine TNFSF5 TNFRSF5 no nt
human / murine TNFSF6 TNFRSF6; TNFRSF6B no nt
murine / murine TNFSF7 TNFRSF7 no nt
human / murine TNFSF8 TNFRSF8 no nt
human / murine TNFSF9 TNFRSF9 no nt
human / murine TNFSF10 TNFRSF10A; TNFRSF10B; TNFRSF10C; TNFRSF10D; TNFRSF11B no nt
human / murine TNFSF11 TNFRSF11A; TNFRSF11B no nt
human / murine TNFSF12 TNFRSF12 no nt
human / murine TNFSF13 TNFRSF13B; TNFRSF17 no nt
human / murine TNFSF13B TNFRSF13B; TNFRSF13C; TNFRSF17 no nt
human / murine TNFSF14 TNFRSF6B; TNFRSF14, TNFRSF3 no nt
human / murine TNFSF15 TNFRSF6B; TNFRSF25 no nt
human APP TNFRSF21 no nt
Zf TNFα zTNFR1 no no
Fu TNFα - no no
Sb TNFα - no no
Cc TNFα1 - no yes
Cc TNFα2 - no no
Cc TNFα3 - no no
Rt RANKL - no no
Rt TRAIL-like - no no
Rt BALM - no no
  1. aKnown cellular receptors listed as described by R&D Systems ( and[15]; bInteractions were tested by SPR as described by injecting a 100 nM concentration of the indicated ligands; nt: not tested. Commercial human and murine TNFSF were from R&D Systems, Inc (USA). The putative mature recombinant zebrafish (Danio rerio) TNF1 (Zf TNFα, residues 74-234, [Genbank: AY427649]) pufferfish (Takifugu rubripes) TNFα (Fu TNFα, residues 71-250 [ NCBI RefSeq: NM_001037985]), gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata) TNFα (Sb TNFα, residues 86-253 [Genbank: AJ413189]) and common carp (Cyprinus carpio) TNFα1 (Cc TNFα1, [Genbank: CAC84641.2]), TNFα2 (Cc TNFα2, [GenBank: CAC84642.2]) and TNFα3 (Cc TNFα3, residues 62-227, [GenBank: AB112424]) were purified from baterial expression systems as described in[16]. Common carp TNFα1 (Cc TNFα1, residues 77-237 [Genbank: AJ311800]) and TNFα2 (Cc TNFα2, residues 70-231 [GenBank: AJ311801]) have been described in[17]. Rainbow trout (Rt) TNFSF have been expressed and purified as described in the text. nt: not tested.