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Table 1 List of the WSSV VP28 DNA sequences used for primer design

From: Development and validation of a quantitative real-time polymerase chain assay for universal detection of the White Spot Syndrome Virus in marine crustaceans

Isolate name Country GenBank Acc. No.
Unknown Brazil HQ130032
Unknown China/GuangXi AY682926
China 99/Qindao China AY249440
Xiang Shan China DQ007315
Chidambaram M8 India/Chidambaram HM484386
Chidambaram M6 India/Chidambaram HM484384
Kadalur NM4 India/Kadular reef HM484390
Unknown India DQ681069
Indian India DQ013881
Indonesia 97 Indonesia AY249441
Japan 98 Japan AY249443
Korea 01 Korea AY324881
WSSV-Mx-H-2004 Mexico/Sinaloa FJ756455
Unknown Mexico/Sinaloa FJ756456
WSSV-Mx-G-2004 Mexico/Sinaloa FJ756454
WSSV-Mx-C-2005 Mexico/Sonora FJ756453
WSSV-Mx-F-2001 Mexico/Sinaloa EU931451
Unknown Unknown AF502435
US 98/South Carolina USA AY249442
Unknown Vietnam AY168644