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Figure 5

From: A remarkable synergistic effect at the transcriptomic level in peach fruits doubly infected by prunus necrotic ringspot virus and peach latent mosaic viroid

Figure 5

Validation of microarray data using quantitative RT-PCR. The Microarray (upper graph) and quantitative RT-PCR (lower graph) data are shown for nine randomly selected genes with statistically significant expression changes in the microarray experiments: Glutamate dehydrogenase 2 (GDH2) (ppa006458m.g), Cysteine proteinase (RD21A) (ppa005328m.g), Invertase/pectin methylesterase inhibitor family protein (ppa011831m.g), Universal stress protein (USP) family protein (ppa012560m.g), CBL-interacting protein kinase 6 (CIPK6) (ppa005365m.g), Phytoene synthase (ppa005962m.g), Auxine response protein (IAA9) (ppa007194m.g), Glutamate descarboxilase (ppa004796m.g) and Expansin (EXP8) (ppa010260m.g). Clathrin adapter complex (ppa005912m.g) was used as a control gene with unchanged expression upon infection. Values represent the log2ratio.

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