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Table 2 MDV reference strains published in GenBank

From: Isolation and analysis of a very virulent Marek’s disease virus strain in China

MDV strains Virulence Geographic origin Year of isolation Accession number
0093 High virulence Guangxi, China 2002 AF493550(M)
0095 High virulence China 2002 AF493552(M)
0297 High virulence China 2002 AF493553(M)
0304 High virulence Guangxi, China 2002 AF493554(M)
G2 High virulence Guangxi, China 2002 AF493556(M)
GX070060 High virulence China 2008 EU427303(M)
GX070079 High virulence China 2008 EU427304(M)
GXY2 High virulence China 2007 EF546430(M)
YLO40920 High virulence China 2005 DQ174459(M)
LS High virulence Sichuan, China 2008 HQ638149(M, V)
LMS High virulence Sichuan, China 2007 HQ658622(M, V)
3004 Vaccine strain Russia N/A EU032468(M)
814 Vaccine strain China N/A GU354326(M)
CVI988 Vaccine strain Netherland 1972 DQ534538(M, V)
CU-2 Mild virulence USA N/A EU499381(M, V)
GA virulence USA 1964 AF147806(M,), AF065430(V)
Md5 Very virulenc e USA 1979 AF243438(M, V)
RB1B Very virulence USA 1982 EF523390(M, V)
648A Very virulence plus USA 1997 AY362725(M), DQ534534(V)
584A Very virulence plus USA Before 2000 DQ534532(M, V)
  1. “M” refers to accession number of Meq gene; “V” refers to accession number of vIL-8 gene; “N/A” refers to data not available.