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Figure 1

From: Isolation and analysis of a very virulent Marek’s disease virus strain in China

Figure 1

Detection of MDV, ALV and REV by PCR. (A) PCR amplification of Meq gene; (B) PCR amplification of Vil-8 gene. (C) Detection of ALV by PCR; (D) Detection of REV by PCR; (M) DL 2000 DNA Marker; (+) Positive control of ALV in (C) or REV in (D). (1) Spleen of infected chicken from farm with MD broken out; (2) DEF culture infected with MDV SD2012-1; (3) Spleen of 55-day-old died chicken without tumor; (4) Spleen of 90-day-old chicken with tumor; (5) DEF culture without infection.

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