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Figure 6

From: Human monoclonal ScFv that bind to different functional domains of M2 and inhibit H5N1 influenza virus replication

Figure 6

Phage peptide sequences matched with residues of A/H5N1 monomeric M2 molecule (epitopes of HuScFv). HuScFv2 mimotope type (M2-1: ELWPPNPHAGPP) matched with amino acid residues in transmembrane helix and cytoplasmic C-terminal of M2 of both viruses; HuScFv19 mimotope type (M19-1: VQIPLSYGQYYK) matched with residues of the M2 amphipathic helix and cytoplasmic C-terminal; HuScFv23 mimotope types (M23-1:ALWPPNLHAWVP, M23-2: QYALWPPNLQAGVP, M23-3: HSNWDNPPIRLVAS) matched with residues in transmembrane domain, amphipathic helix and cytoplasmic C-terminal; mimotope types of HuScFv27 (M27-: EDVDEIHNQSHP and M27-2: ALWPPNLHANVP) matched with M2 residues in ectodomain and transmembrane helix.

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