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Figure 2

From: Human monoclonal ScFv that bind to different functional domains of M2 and inhibit H5N1 influenza virus replication

Figure 2

E. coli clones carrying huscfv and HuScFv in their lysates revealed by Western blot analysis. (A) Lane M: One kb DNA ladder; lanes 2, 4–10 and 12–30: amplicons of huscfv in E. coli clones 2, 4–10 and 12–30, respectively; lane neg, negative control which was PCR result of PCR Master mix without DNA template. Numbers at the left of both blocks are DNA sizes in base pairs (bp). (B) Western blot results for detecting HuScFv in lysates of 8 representative huscfv positive clones. Lane M: protein standard marker; lanes 1–6 and 8: positive HuScFv (~27 kDa) in lysates of huscfv positive E. coli clones; lane 7: lysate of huscfv positive E. coli that did not express HuScFv. Numbers at the left are relative molecular masses (Mr) of proteins.

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