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Table 1 Properties of monoclonal antibodies against TYLCV

From: Highly sensitive serological methods for detecting tomato yellow leaf curl virus in tomato plants and whiteflies

MAbs Isotype Ascites titre IgG yield (mg mL-1)
1C4 IgG1, κ chain 10-7 a 4.11
8D10 IgG2a, κ chain 10-7 2.01
6E3 IgG2a, κ chain 10-6 5.05
2F2 IgG1, κ chain 10-7 4.99
3F4 IgG1, κ chain 10-6 9.23
4G3 IgG1, κ chain 10-7 3.34
  1. a The MAb titer was the last dilution that yielded an absorption value above 0.3 at 30 min after adding the substrate at room temperature.