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Table 2 Clinico-pathological characteristics, viral DNA load and plasma concentration of miR-BART17 normalized with miR-cel-39 for samples from control donors

From: Consistent high concentration of the viral microRNA BART17 in plasma samples from nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients - evidence of non-exosomal transport

Control donors Gender/age Origin Primary tumor TNM Histology EBV DNA copy number/ml plasma miR BART17 copy number/ml plasma
C1 M/54 Tunisia larynx T3N0M0 SCC 0 12
C2 M/53 Tunisia larynx T2N0M0 SCC 0 14
C3 M/59 France larynx T3N0M0 SCC 0 783
C4 F/60 France larynx T2N0M0 SCC 0 277
C5 M/55 France larynx T3N0M0 SCC 0 27
C6 M/448 France hypopharynx T3N0M0 SCC 0 30
C7 M/47 France larynx T3N0M0 SCC 0 174
C8 M/56 France no tumor na na 0 18
C9 F/226 France maxilary sinus T4N1M0 SCC 0 435
C10 M/52 France hypopharynx T3N2M0 SCC 0 54
  1. SCC: squamous cell carcinoma. C8 was a healthy donor. All other plasma samples except C10 were collected prior to treatment from patients bearing Head and Neck non-NPC carcinomas. The sample from patient C10 was collected under therapy.