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Table 1 Antiviral activity of Stachyflin on influenza A virus

From: Antiviral activity of stachyflin on influenza A viruses of different hemagglutinin subtypes

Subtype Virus strain EC50(μM)a
 H1 A/WSN/1933 (H1N1) 0.05
  A/swine/Hokkaido/2/1981 (H1N1) 0.24
  A/Puerto Rico/8/1934 (H1N1) 0.49
  A/Narita/1/2009 (H1N1) pdm 1.95
 H2 A/Singapore/1/1957 (H2N2) 0.16
 H3 A/duck/Hokkaido/5/1977 (H3N2) >6.50
 H4 A/duck/Czech/1956 (H4N6) >6.50
 H5 A/Hong Kong/483/1997 (H5N1) 1.95
  A/whooper swan/Hokkaido/1/2008 (H5N1) 2.05
  A/duck/Hokkaido/Vac-1/2004 (H5N1) 0.86
  A/chicken/Ibaraki/1/2005 (H5N2) 0.17
  A/chicken/Taiwan/A703-1/2008 (H5N2) >6.50
  A/whooper swan/Mongolia/3/2005 (H5N1) 4.70
  A/peregrine falcon/Hong Kong/810/2009 (H5N1) >6.50
 H6 A/turkey/Massachusetts/3740/1967 (H6N2) 0.53
  A/duck/Hokkaido/31/2010 (H6N2) 0.65
  A/gull/Tottori/105/1980 (H6N3) 0.65
  A/duck/Taiwan/4801/1990 (H6N5) 0.44
  A/duck/Vietnam/OIE-2574/2011 (H6N6) >6.50
 H7 A/turkey/Italy/4580/1999 (H7N1) >6.50
  A/chicken/Netherland/2586/2003 (H7N7) >6.50
 H8 A/turkey/Ontario/6118/1968 (H8N4) >6.50
 H9 A/chicken/Yokohama/aq-55/2001 (H9N2) >6.50
  A/Hong Kong/1073/1999 (H9N2) >6.50
 H10 A/chicken/Germany/N/1949 (H10N7) >6.50
 H11 A/duck/England/1/1956 (H11N6) >6.50
 H12 A/duck/Alberta/60/1976 (H12N5) >6.50
 H13 A/duck/Siberia/272PF/1998 (H13N6) >6.50
 H14 A/mallard/Astrakhan/263/1982 (H14N5) >6.50
 H15 A/duck/Australia/341/1983 (H15N8) >6.50
 H16 A/black-headed gull/Sweden/5PF/1999 (H16N3) >6.50
  1. a The compound concentration producing 50% inhibition of virus replication, as estimated by microscopic scoring of the CPE. The data shown are the means of 3 experiments.