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Table 3 Significant positions of polyprotein of 31 strains

From: Complete genome sequencing and analysis of six enterovirus 71 strains with different clinical phenotypes

Region Position Amino acid
Strains with neurovirulence Strains without neurovirulence
VP1 814 Val/Ile(16/0)* Val/Ile(10/5)
3A 1148 Val/Ile(16/0) Val/Ile(11/4)
3C 1728 Ala/Cys/Val (16/0/0) Ala/Cys/Val (10/1/4)
  1. *Val/Ile(16/0): in all 16 strains with neurovirulence, 16 of them were ValP814 and none of them was IleP814