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Table 2 Complete genome sequences of 31 strain used in this study

From: Complete genome sequencing and analysis of six enterovirus 71 strains with different clinical phenotypes

Strains with neurovirulence Strains without neurovirulence
GenBank No. Source GenBank No. Source
U22522 GenBank EU753384 GenBank
AF316321 GenBank HQ129932 GenBank
JQ514785 GenBank AF304459 GenBank
EU753365 GenBank GQ994989 GenBank
GQ231942 GenBank FJ607334 GenBank
HQ828086 GenBank GQ231936 GenBank
GU196833 GenBank AF119796 GenBank
EU753397 GenBank AF304457 GenBank
GQ994992 GenBank GQ231935 GenBank
GQ231928 GenBank GQ994990 GenBank
EU703814 GenBank FJ606449 GenBank
FJ607337 GenBank DQ341361 GenBank
EU703812 GenBank SDLY1 Isolated in this study
SDLY96 Isolated in this study SDLY11 Isolated in this study
SDLY107 Isolated in this study SDLY48 Isolated in this study
SDLY153 Isolated in this study