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Table 2 Bankground of Japanese encephalitis virus strains used in this study

From: Genomic analysis of a newly isolated of Japanese encephalitis virus strain, CQ11-66, from a pediatric patient in China

Strain Source Genotype Geographical location Year GenBank accession no./reference
      ORF E gene
Beijing-1 Human III China 1948 L48961 L48961
CH1392 Mosquito III Taiwan 1990 AF254452 U44960.1
FU Human II Australia 1995 AF217620 L43565.1
GP78 Human III India 1978 AF075723 AF075723
SA14-14-2 Vaccin strain III China 1954 AF315119.1 AF315119.1
JaGAr01 Mosquito III Japan 1959 AF069076 AF069076
WTP Mosquito II Malaysia 1970 HQ223286 U70421
K94P05 Mosquito I Korea 1994 AF04555 U34929
JKT5441 Mosquito II Indonesia 1981 AF045551 U34929
JKT6468 Mosquito IV Indonesia 1981 AY184212 U70407
Ishikawa Mosquito I Japan 1998 AB051292 AB051292
Ling Human III Taiwan 1965 L78128 L78128
RP-9 Mosquito III Taiwan 1985 AF014161 AF014161
47 Human III China 1950s AY243827 AY243827
SA14 Mosquito III China 1960 U14163 AY243850
K87P39 Mosquito III Korea 1987 AY585243 AY585243
P20778 Human III India 1958 AF080251 Z34096
CH21955A Mosquito III Taiwan 1994 AF221500 AF221500
ML11 Vaccine III Japan 1981 AY508812 U70412
jaOArS982 Mosquito III Japan 1982 M18370 M18370
Nakayama Human III Japan 1935 EF571853 AF112297
JKT7003 Mosquito IV Indonesia 1981   U70408
Sagiyama Mosquito III Japan 1957   U70419
Kamiyama Human III Japan 1966   AB379813
K82P01 Mosquito III Japan 1982   U34926
826309 Human III India 1982   Z34094
ThCMAr6793 Mosquito I Thaliand 1993   D45363
JKT1724 Mosquito III Indonesia 1979   U70404
SH-53 Mosquito I China 2001   AY555757
PhAn1242 Pig III Philippines 1984   U70417