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Figure 6

From: Divergence of the mRNA targets for the Ssb proteins of bacteriophages T4 and RB69

Figure 6

Summaries of results from the chemical and RNase sensitivity and RNA footprinting studies reported here. Panel A shows our interpretation of experiments that probed the existence of RNA structure in RB69 gene 32-specific RNA (Fig 5). The T4-derived RNA counterpart is shown for comparison The "caret" symbol denotes sensitivity to cleavage after DMS treatment; asterisks denote sensitivity to cleavage after DEPC treatment. The darker symbols denote greater sensitivity. Positions that are not marked by any symbols were resistant to the modifying agents under the conditions used. Vertical arrows mark positions that were sensitive to RNase V1. Panel B shows our interpretation of the RNA footprinting studies described in Figs 7 and 8. Positions of protection from RNaseA1 by gp32 are marked by the triangles and protection from RNase T1 by the pentagonal symbols. The darker symbols denote stronger protection. Unmarked positions were not protected by either gp32 from phage source under the experimental conditions used.

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