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Figure 5

From: Divergence of the mRNA targets for the Ssb proteins of bacteriophages T4 and RB69

Figure 5

Portions of autoradiograms from RNA sequencing gels showing sites of cleavage in RB69 gene 32-derived RNA following treatments with DMS and DEPC (Panel A) and RNase V1 (Panel B). These experiments probed the RB69 RNA for secondary and higher-order structure. The lanes marked "RNA seq" show results from sequencing untreated RNA by the RVT-catalyzed chain termination method [23,35]. In Panel A the lane marked with a "minus" sign shows the positions of RVT chain termination caused by RNA structure in the untreated RNA. The DMS and DEPC lanes show sites of hypersensitivity (cleavage) of the same RNA to treatment with these chemical agents. In Panel B, the V1 lanes denote the amount of RNase V1 (×10-5 units) used to digest the RNA substrate.

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