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Table 3 GenBank accession numbers of raccoon CDVsequences.

From: Genetically distant American Canine distemper virus lineages have recently caused epizootics with somewhat different characteristics in raccoons living around a large suburban zoo in the USA

Virus F-gene H-gene P-gene
98-2645 AY445077 (entire genome)
98-2646 AY542312 (entire genome)
98-2654-1 AY466011 (entire genome)
98-2654-2 AY289612 (AY466011)d AY286485
98-2655 (AY289612)a AY548109 AY263373
98-2666-1 (AY289612)a AY548110 AY286486
98-2666-2 (AY289612)a AY548111 AY286487
00-2601 AY443350 (entire genome)
01-2641-1 AY289614 AY526496 AY288310
01-2641-2 (AY289614)b (AY526496)e AY321298
01-2663 AY289615 NDf AY288308
01-2676 (AY289615)c AY498692 AY288309
01-2689 (AY289615)c AY465925 AY286488
01-2690 (AY289615)c (AY465925)g AY264266
  1. aIdentical to the sequence of AY289612.
  2. bIdentical to the sequence of AY289614.
  3. cIdentical to the sequence of AY289615.
  4. dIdentical to the sequence of AY466011.
  5. eIdentical to the sequence of AY526496.
  6. fND, Not determined.
  7. gIdentical to the sequence of AY465925.